In Home Harvest



About Al. Al Lakomskis, our Agircultural Director and Lead Grow Tech has 15 years of ecologically-sound agricultural experience. He began growing vegetables in his backyard in Huntington Beach after reading the book Fast Food Nation.

He then began focusing on Urban Farming and raised a small flock, composted a ton of local green waste every two months and started a Non-Profit Organization called The Livingry Project with a fellow farming friend.

A year later he was managing a 17 acre garden at an intentional community. Educated by the literature of Sir Albert Howard, Al has always focused on healthy soils as the primary variable in a healthy agricultural system. He started growing cannabis, eventually, five years ago where he leaned on his knowledge of healthy soil and produced some of the finest home grown cannabis in Southern AZ.

“It’s like a dream come true.” said Al when asked if would join the IHH team. “Growing cannabis for people who can benefit for either a medical reason, or simply just enjoy a recreational toke is without a doubt a dream job.”